Our story began while we were both serving in the United States Army. We met in San Antonio, Texas. Two years later we got married and transferred to Bad Aibling, Germany. This is also where we gained weight, 100 pounds between the two of us! During our time in Germany, we were introduced to cycling in the foothills of the Alps, which played a part in our decision to live in the foothills here. We started a family through foster care and eventually adopted three teenagers. In the meantime, we worked out at the global gym and started working on our diet. We counted calories, tried The Zone diet, went through Lindora, and failed with Paleo. The extra weight slowly came off over the years, but it came back with two pregnancies. After our second child, a friend in our step aerobics class took us to CrossFit, and that was it. Our lives (and our weight) were changed forever.

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