Nutrition Coaching Fontana


I have been active all my life. As a Physical Education teacher, coach and athlete being relatively fit has always been important, but not really a priority. During college, way back when, staying fit was easy because it was just a part of training to play softball, but as life goes on and evolves training becomes put on the back burner. Marriage, kids, work and all of life’s other priorities take over. This is where CrossFit comes in. CrossFit has allowed me to put my health and fitness back near the top of the list. The quick intense workouts are great for a busy person. In the year I have been with CrossFit Fontana I have become stronger, more fit, and more flexible (scary, but true…haha), but most of all I have been able to train with great people. Hopefully I can inspire people to become stronger and more fit despite their age.

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