• Nutrition Coaching Fontana

    Great people, fun to work with. Great community of support and friends.

    Tamara T.
  • Nutrition Coaching Fontana

    I walked into this box not knowing what to expect, I had zero cross-fit knowledge and didn't know if I was going to be able to do any of it, the only thing clear in my mind was that I needed a change...

    130+ WOD's later I can only be thankful to Bo, Rae, Debbie, the rest of the coaches and everyone at Cross-Fit Fontana who have always been there to teach me, support me, put up with my struggles and push me. So far I've lost 30 pounds, I've gained strength, flexibility, physical and mental endurance. I am now doing workouts that before I could only watch on TV...

    I get challenged every day with a different WOD, I keep coming back no matter how hard they seem as I am always looking forward to those first 10 seconds right after I finish it. The seconds when I realize that I did it again, that I've completed another WOD, breathing hard, covered in sweat, with plenty of areas to improve while being motivated, supervised and guided by my coach and teammates. It becomes a part of your life before you know it...

    If you are looking for an opportunity to change, give this box a chance... Let this great Cross-Fit Fontana Family help you out in the process, in and outside the box.

    Basilio V.
  • Nutrition Coaching Fontana

    Small but comfortable. Very friendly staff and extremely effective workouts.

    Val C.
  • Great family atmosphere and very well coached!

    Shawn W.
  • Nutrition Coaching Fontana

    I can't say enough about this place and all the coaches, athletes and friends. Get used to the words "WORK"!! "Pick That Bar Up"!! Yet, instructing me how to do the move correctly so I don't hurt myself, so i can come back... They didn't do this at that other 24hr gym. What a crazy concept lol! I remember walking in the first day totally nervous not knowing what to expect. Just saying to myself, "if I don't like I just won't come back". Guess what, a year later the people are like my adopted family! Give them a try, drink the Kool-Aid, so to speak. You won't regret it.

    Jason R.
  • Nutrition Coaching Fontana

    Every time I am in Fontana CrossFit Fontana is a must! The owners and clients treat you like family. The environment is warm and welcoming and makes you want to come back for more body pushing workouts!

    Sarah M.
  • Nutrition Coaching Fontana

    The folks at Crossfit Fontana are nice, courteous, and experienced coaches. The workouts are very effective. I moved to Corona, but I still come here to workout.

    Langston M.
  • Nutrition Coaching Fontana

    Love Crossfit Fontana; it is an amazing place to workout! Amazing trainers, coaches, and WOD friends. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement!

    Katie M.
  • Nutrition Coaching Fontana

    I'm so glad I took a plunge and started coming here. Great coaches, very friendly people, excellent workouts.

    Marie M.
  • Nutrition Coaching Fontana

    I love this place!!! Great environment!!!

    Xavier R.


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